Cooperative Effort

This site is a documentation of the various e Meetings, and important meetings that CED and BRM and progressive organisations plan. While the idea is to have one place where we can store the information and the links, we also want it to be the place for documenting the content for other organisations and peers to reference at a later time.

Organisers of such meets are expected to give us the details in the following format

MM-DD-HHHH IST - keyword ( to be placed in the Title Field )

Topics: xxxx

Lead Participants:

Readmore line

More details of subject & persons

Date, Time

URL of Invitation link

Meeting ID

Password ( either the password itself or contact to obtain password)

Link to secondary site of meeting

Whether video recording will be done and normal location like you tube channel link or facebook or own website link

Whether physical location or group/cluster meet is involved.

If so

location 1: address and Organiser contact

location 2: address and Organiser contact




We will learn as we go along.  We can even have a few netmeets to discuss. Just join the whatsapps group for more info.

[Does any of you know anyone who will join us in a net meeting to train us on joomla? And also act as systems mentor?

We can also call in/use  a designer... an artist etc

I want each one of you to feel free to learn entry online by adding your own articles..

Everyone knows what CMS is?

Content management system like WordPress, joomla, drupal,etc?

All bits of information in a website, is assembled into 'articles'. Each article has title text pictures, links all composed very much like any editor in html.

Each article is put into categories or sub categories. Articles in each category or sub-category can be ordered by title, or date. For each category or article you can decide how it will be displayed as a list of titles like we have in forthcoming titles, or as category blogs.

Each category or article   can be linked to one or two menu items in the different menus that are there. Eg on this website we currently have main menu, older posts, most read posts. In our case I have put forthcoming meets also as the first or home page.

A menu is a list of options/menu -items, whereas module in the way in which the results (usually articles) within that menu item is presented in the space allotted to it. (Phew I kept getting confused earlier of why everytime I had to make similar entries once in menu items and then link it to a module. and unless it is linked to a module where is no place and order in which that data is displayed. It may as well not be present in the website.)

Now all the content, categories are displayed on the screen according to a template which decides in which position, which menu, or article or category is displayed. We have made one common template for all categories for simplicity sake. But the template can programme the menus, fonts colours , for each different category..and this what you pay a website designer for.

You can have all kind of things like banners, flashes, pop ups etc.. but we will try and stick to basics, because we want more people to do data entry. As a user, you can be guest which means you can only look and not touch...


As a user, you can be guest which means you can only look and not touch... (

Now we plan to give most of user a user name and you have to decide if you can author an article, or an editor which means you can edit the listing , as manager...or administrator status, which means you can do almost anything.

So I need you to tell me the name that you want to appear on the 'written by' column. (Some of you may want to use the name of your organisation). We will also need your email id where you will get system based messages. Since that is not as interactive as WhatsApp, we will need you to join this coordinate e conversations group .

Will you also tell me (john DSouza) what level of expertise you have on joomla, so that we can share our knowledge.. those of you who are good and fast at editing text, photos, infographics, video need to tell us, so that we can pass on that work to you.
eg. Me, I am fast at video editing, and overall content with atrocious spelling and high impatience to get thing out, so I authorise you to text and format and picture edit anything that I put out. Including any part of this website

To enter a new E- Meet
each article is discreet, and you can enter a new article by logging in. The first home screen is.

1 art

After you log in, The forthcoming page shows up allowing you to either edit or enter a new article

First tab_ Content: You just have to edit or fill the article like you do a google doc.
fill in your article.. title,  and a texting space


after entering content, then, Click second tab-publishing: And tell joomla  that the article is a forthcoming events or  video recording, give its end date/time. put in an author alias say BRM  or Vikalp Sangam or Equations, if I dont want my user name to figure in it.

 save and voila.. it comes up.