PUCL Maharashtra urginge Strict action against BJP MLA T Raja Singh and others for the vitriolic communal propaganda FIR No. 95/2024 dated March 23, 2024. 

PUCL has also pointed out in its letter that T Raja Singh and speakers and the organisers at the rally indulged in inflammatory hate speech in flagrant violation of the order dated February 23, 2024 passed by the Bombay High Court and the undertaking submitted by T Raja Singh. However no further action has been taken against them.

PUCL has accordingly called upon the authorities to forthwith take steps to ensure that -
(1) Strict action is taken in FIR No. 95/2024 registered by Mira Road Police Station, including to arrest and prosecute the hate speech offenders accused in the crime.
(2) Sections 121-A, 153, 153-B, 504 and 505 of the IPC are added to FIR No. 95/2024 and names of other organisers, speakers responsible for the crime be included in the case.
(3) Independent, fair and timely investigation is conducted in FIR No. 95/2024 registered by Mira Road Police Station, considering the inaction displayed by the police.
(4) Immediate steps are taken against police officers who are guilty of dereliction of their duty, by failing to prevent communal hate speech at the rally on 25th February 2024, stopping the rally and taking action against the perpetrators, delaying the filing of FIR and taking further steps towards investigating and prosecuting the crime, including the arrest of the accused.
(5) The aforesaid Supreme Court orders are strictly implemented in letter and spirit, by taking suo moto action against hate speech, registering FIRs and prosecuting the offenders of hate speech for their crimes at the earliest.
(6) Communal hate speech is prevented in Maharashtra at all costs and strict action is initiated to ensure that Sakal Hindu Samaj and its speakers are not permitted to commit even a single more offence of hate speech.
(7) Police action is initiated to investigate all the incidents of communal hate speech made at all the earlier rallies and public events organized by Sakal Hindu Samaj in Maharashtra and take all measures to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.