Only a Legally Binding MSP Can Really Help Farmers; We’ve Tried All Permutations and Combinations The Wire
Feb 21, 2024 In an interview where he argues very strongly in favour of a legally binding minimum support price for 23 crops, one of India’s most highly respected and well-regarded agriculture policy experts has said there is “no other way”. Devinder Sharma says: “We have tried all other permutations and combinations” and they have not really helped the farmer. Making the minimum support price legally binding is, he says, not just the only way but the best way of helping farmers.


Government Proposes New Minimum Support Price Guarantee (MSP) Plan For Key Crops India Today
19 Feb 2024A panel of India's union ministers including Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Arjun Munda; Minister of Commerce and Industry, Piyush Goyal, and Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai, hosted a fourth round of talks with farmer leaders discussing their demands. Among the key points negotiated include a legal guarantee of minimum support price (MSP) for farmers' produce. The proposal stipulates that the government agencies will buy pulses, maize, and cotton crops at the MSP for the next five years. This significant move is expected to influence agricultural production and the livelihood of farmers.

Farmers to get back after discussion among themselves : Sarwan Pandher The Tribune
19 Feb 2024 Farmers to engage till the 21st  when the next phase of agitation to move to Delhi is planned.

Comment on YT: @SonnySundoo-ns3tt Sikh Diaspora looking after their loved ones going through destitute conditions majority of them on borrowed loans (money used for study/migration abroad) coz not much is earned in farming sectors , except for those who are well established, hence gov't is reluctant to help Punjab in anyway, in the form of foreign remittance check through RTI how much foreign remittance goes to Punjab alone. Why Vijay Malay / Choski Modi /Nirvar Modi still at large coz they took money (loan defaulters of PNB)? Coz the Money deposited in this Bank belongs to Punjab habitat so, let them suffer it's there life savings. Why no red alert was issued and asked Interplo which enables police in 196 member countries together to All sorts of crimes to extradite (to date still at large) criminals to their where there are declared absconded for crimes and is not just for gov't interest BUT Public interest. There is preconceived opinion form by false narratives by those are siding with CORPORATE & Gov't to malign the farmers... We need to go analyse and experience the situation from the ground..... It's gov't procurement (buy & store in whichever way or form) dept.(job) to analyse at local N international markets what's the demand of certain types of crops, then inform (3/6/12 months in advance) through state N local farmers unions to grow those crops to meet the demand locally 1st then sell/export the surplus. ..

@SonnySundoo-ns3tt  What right does the Corporate business have to get their borrowed loans from banks waived? Who gave waiver rights/which, tax or bank minister has such rights N why for Corporarates ONLY? How much each year since 2014 the govt has waived up to 2024 can get the info from RTI.

Twitter Accounts Suspended, Farmers Under House Arrest: Latest on Farmer Protest 2.0 | Mandeep Punia

The Wire
Feb 15, 2024
The arrival on Delhi's National Highway 44 presents a scene worth witnessing today as the police arm themselves against the protesting farmers. Reports and videos coming in suggest that over 100 farmers have been wounded at the Shambhu Border, with many sustaining injuries from pellet gun bullets.

Social media accounts circulation information regarding the farmers protest have been suspended. Tractor to Twitter a ’digital news portal’s main account has also been suspended. This suspension not only affects Tractor to Twitter but also extends to several other accounts disseminating news about the ongoing farmer protests. Even the account of rural journalist Mandeep Puniya has faced suspension.

Our report from February 13th exhibits the manner in which Delhi's borders are being sealed off, with heavy security presence observed on the borders linking Haryana and Uttar Pradesh to Delhi. Special security measures, including the use of barbed wire and sharp wire fences, are being deployed at the Singhu and Ghazipur borders.

Farmers arriving from Punjab on February 13th were halted at the borders of Punjab and Haryana, particularly the Shambhu Border. When attempts were made by the farmers to enter the Haryana border, tear gas shells were fired at them, and the police obstructed their path. Section 144 has been enforced in certain parts of both states.

A farmer leader from Bihar, participating in the protest, revealed in a press conference that people from various states are joining the movement, but they are being detained within their own districts. Watch the video to know the full story.

Massive Response in Maharashtra; Mumbai Protest Counters Police Raj

The SKM-CTU call for Grameen Bharat Bandh and Industrial Strike today February 16 received massive response throughout Maharashtra. Lakhs of workers and peasants participated in the Industrial Strike and the Grameen Bharat Bandh in almost all districts of the state. They condemned the BJP-RSS Modi regime for its anti-people, anti-national and pro-corporate policies and its communal and authoritarian attacks on the Constitution. They also denounced the BJP regime's repression and use of tear gas on drones against the farmers.

In Mumbai, thousands of workers that included Asha workers, safai mazdoors, and other sections gathered at Azad Maidan and held a four hour long protest. They were addressed by AIKS president Dr Ashok Dhawale, renowned journalist P Sainath, CITU leaders Sayeed Ahmed, Dr S K Rege, P M Vartak, K R Raghu, Shubha Shamim, Ujjwala Padalwar, Armaity Irani, K Narayanan, Sangeeta Kamble, AITUC leaders Prakash Reddy, Milind Ranade.

Hundreds of workers from across Bhandup in Mumbai were also to participate today in the Azad Maidan protest demonstration. But the DCP stopped the CITU workers and activists from going to the central protest at Azad Maidan. They were thus forced to hold a rousing three hour demonstration in front of the Bhandup Police Station. The protest was led by CITU leaders Dr Vivek Monteiro, Hemkant Samant, Sugandhi Francis, Akash Bagul, Sangeeta Sonawane, Sneha Sawant and others.


Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM)

Press Statement
16th February 2024
New Delhi

Big Success of Grameen Bharat Bandh, Industrial /Sectoral Strike

Struggle Reflected Anger of Farmers, Workers and Rural People Across India

Succeeded to Bring Back Peoples’ Livelihood Issues on the National Agenda just ahead of the General Election to Lok Sabha

Unity of Workers-Farmers Fortified, Further Advance Towards People’s Unity

PM Being Isolated among the People, Diverting Attention Towards Communal, Religious Disputes

PM Sending Ministers to Agitators at Shambhu Border for ‘Secret Negotiations’ to Fool People - MSP Committee Was Formed With Members Openly Opposed to Giving MSP

SKM for Resolute Movement to Send Perpetrators of Lakhimpur Kheri Massacre to Jail, Shall Not Allow Guilty to be Spared

SKM to Intensify Agitation till Achieve MSP, Loan Waiver, Policy Changes to End Farmers’ Suicides

SKM Scheduled Punjab Unit Meet on February 18th followed by NCC and GB at New Delhi

The anger of farmers against the corporate and communal policies of the Narendra Modi Government has boiled over today with their huge participation in the Grameen Bharat Bandh, a call given along with Industrial / Sectoral Strike jointly with Joint Platform of Central Trade Unions, Independent Federations, Associations and other organizations of workers, women, youth and students. The Strike action reflected the anger of the people against the brutal repression by the Modi Govt. and the BJP-led state government of Haryana on the farmers at Shambhu Border of Punjab who were marching to Delhi. One of the largest ever mass actions of the people in Independent India has helped to bring back the people’s livelihood issues on the national agenda just ahead of the forthcoming general election to the Lok Sabha.

While in Punjab the protest became almost a Bandh, in all other States and Union Territories shops, industries, markets and educational institutions, government offices remained closed in villages. Massive demonstrations and protest rallies were organised in which lakhs of people participated with enthusiasm. Workers struck work and organised massive demonstrations, students joined them by boycotting classes while youth and women also participated widely. In Jammu and Kashmir, hundreds of Apple farmers demonstrated in Press Colony, Srinagar, and were forcefully dispersed by the police and para-military forces, dragging the leaders into police vehicles and taken into custody without any provocation.

This massive action helped to fortify the farmer-worker unity across India and further advance it towards unity of the people up to the village and town level. This is the greatest achievement in the fight against the corporate -communal nexus under the patronage of the Modi Govt.

The Grameen Bandh call is in continuation of the demands for MSP@ C2+50% with guaranteed procurement, reduction in input costs, loan waiver, repeal Electricity (amendment) Bill 2022 and no to prepaid 'smart' meters, dismiss and prosecute Ajay Mishra Teni Union MoS (Home), the main conspirator of the Lakhimpur Kheri massacre of farmers, among others. It was preceded by coordinated and joint call with workers of Black Day observation on 3rd October 2023, three days Mahapadav protest on 26-28 November 2023 in State Capitals and massive Tractor-Vehicle Rallies in districts on 26th January 2024.

SKM has decided to immediately intensify the agitation and it shall be done with multiple calls for massive actions in coordination with workers and all other sections of the people.The SKM Punjab unit is meeting on February 18th at Jalandhar and it will be followed by the meetings of NCC and General Body at New Delhi to take stock of developments and suggest the future course of action. They will be finalized along with the central SKM and shall be determined by the response of the Govt of India. SKM declares that it shall not allow the culprits of the Lakhimpur Kheri massacre to be spared and farmers all over India shall fight tooth and nail to send them to jail, and achieve MSP, Loan Waiver and end farmers' suicides.

SKM had sent a polite written appeal to the Prime Minister of India on February 13, asking him to be sympathetic and considerate to farmers who are suffering farm losses, distress, debt, unemployment, while farm labour suffers severe hunger, failure of treatment and deprivation. It is unfortunate that the Prime Minister has shown full sympathy to the Corporate Companies, but has unleashed repression on farmers with lathi charge, pellet firing, tear gas sprays, use of drones, road blockade, house to house threats and continuing with a ‘war like approach’ towards the farmers. SKM condemns even more vehemently the injury caused to 3 farmers in Shambhu, who have lost their vision. Mr. Modi’s govt is blinding the farmers to serve the exploiting Big Business.

The Modi Govt. has deliberately vitiated the atmosphere on farmers issues and is trying to hoodwink people into believing that it is truthful and sincere. The PM promised a committee to consider MSP and other demands in December 2021. Seven months later he formed one with those who were openly opposed to giving MSP and he added Crop Diversification and Zero Budget Natural Farming on its agenda. Now, in the name of talks, he is mocking negotiations by sending ministers to the agitators at Shambhu to fool the people and keeping the points and progress in the discussion ‘secret’ thus putting the farmers of the entire country in the dark. SKM raises questions over BJP’s policy of stubbornness towards solving basic problems of people and diverting their attention towards communal and religious disputes. SKM fought this on January 26th, 2021 and is determined to unite the people across India to achieve victory.

SKM expresses its gratitude to all CTUs, other organizations of Workers, Students, Youth, Women, and Cultural activists for having extended strong support today and hopes that we together shall build a stronger movement on these demands and advance towards replacing the pro- corporate policies with pro-farmer, pro-worker and pro-people policies.

Issued by

Media Cell | Samyukta Kisan Morcha-Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

9447125209, 9830052766

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