Think Tanks Funding Row, George Soros ‘LINK’, Left vs Right Wing Politics lso the son of India’s National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval.  Before establishing a think tank and entering politics, Shaurya worked with GE Capital and Morgan Stanley as an investment banker. Shaurya Doval shares insights into how think tanks operate in India and where they receive funding. He discusses the multiplicity of views among think tanks in India. He also sheds light on how the battles of narratives between the left and right wings have evolved in India.

He also addresses the widespread nepotism debate in the BJP and emphasizes the need for nationalism in a nation’s development. He also underscores the Hindutva influence in Uttarakhand state politics.

Ajit Doval के बेटे Shaurya ने Saurabh Dwivedi को 2024 Election, Pakistan पर क्या बताया?| Jamghat