PM Says PM Says "Congress To Distribute Assets Among Infiltrators" This 'urban Naxal' mindset, mothers and sisters, they will not even leave your 'mangalsutra'. They can go to that level... The Congress manifesto says they will calculate the gold with mothers and sisters, get information about it, and then distribute that property. They will distribute it to whom - Manmohan Singh's government had said Muslims have the first right on the country's assets," PM Modi said at the rally on Sunday.

Huge Row After PM Says "Congress To Distribute Assets Among Infiltrators" 
Lok Sabha elections 2024: "Manmohan Singh's government had said Muslims have the first right on the country's assets," April 22, 2024  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, reacting to PM Modi's attack on Dr Singh, in a post on the microblogging website X said the Prime Minister now wants to divert the attention of the public from issues.

Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav, who is also a part of the Opposition bloc INDIA, criticised PM Modi over the speech. "Not only the country but the whole world also knows Prime Minister Narendra Modi lies, the way how he spread lies about the Congress's 'Nyay Patra' and former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh is an example of dirty politics."

 Slamming the Prime Minister for his remarks, AIMIM chief and Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi posted on X, "Modi today called Muslims infiltrators and people with many children. Since 2002 till this day, the only Modi guarantee has been to abuse Muslims and get votes. If one is talking about the country's wealth, one should know that under Modi's rule the first right to India's wealth has been of his wealthy friends. 1% of Indians own 40% of the country's wealth. Common Hindus are made to fear Muslims while their wealth is being used to enrich others."

Petition to the Election Commission of India to take strict action on hate speech of Narendra Mod:  .. This speech violates the model code of conduct set by the ECI. It distorts the facts which are already available in the public domain posing a serious challenge to all the initiatives taken by the ECI to prevent fake news and fact check all forms of communication. By targeting Muslims using a pejorative language to seek votes, it seriously undermines India's stature as the ‘Mother of Democracy’ in the world. ..The ECI's failure to take any action against such hate speech will only undermine its credibility and autonomy that has been safeguarded and upheld by a series of exemplary officers before you.

Congress Calls Out Modi For ‘Hate Speech’, Provides Fact-Check HW News English Apr 22, 2024

Supriya Shrinate ने PM Modi को 'मंगलसूत्र' वाले बयान पर किया पलटवार, जमकर सुनाया   Apr 22, 2024

ADR Letter to ECI: