What happened to 110 defectors who switched over to BJP and contested in LS polls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WddxTzA0iQ ThePrint
Jun 7, 2024
BJP fielded 110 candidates who joined the party in Modi era, having been in some or the other party. 69 of them lost out. 

nearly a quarter of the bjp's 441 candidates for this year's lok Sabha  elections were defectors who had joined the party during the Modi era from 2014
onwards in all about 62% of these candidates were defeated. 

party fielded 110 candidates who switched to the party after Narendra Modi first came to power as prime minister with 69 of them losing the
party also put up 14 pre-24 defectors and six allies running on its tickets bringing the total of candidates with non-bjp Origins to 130 further 34 BJP candidates had been with the party for 2 years or less joining in either 2023 or this year 2024 of these 27 lost this tally includes 21
out of 26 candidates who joined onlythis year