Election Commission Releases Detailed Voter Turnout Data Amidst False Narrative Concerns https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7oiagS6E1Y  May 25, 2024 
Today, the Election Commission (EC) revealed the total number of voters for all completed phases of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, which includes six out of seven phases. In a statement, the EC also mentioned its awareness of false narratives and attempts to disrupt the electoral process.
This statement follows a recent decision by the Supreme Court to postpone petitions seeking the release of voter turnout data, including votes cast and rejected, until after the Lok Sabha elections. These petitions requested the EC to compile and publish this data on its website after each phase of voting in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Commission notes the pattern of false narratives and mischievous design to vitiate electoral process
to serve the cause of electoral democracy with undeterred resolution....
The Commission has ... decided to further expand the format of release of turnout data to include the absolute number of voters in every parliamentary constituency, which of course is discernable ParliamentaryConstituency wise by all citizens themselves by applying the turnout percentage to total electors, both already made available in public domain.

क्या votes polled के absolute numbers public करना काफी है चुनाव प्रक्रिया मैं transparency के लिए? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ismxRWCUKJU  May 26, 2024
After the public outrage, the Election Commission of India released votes polled absolute numbers on 25 May of five phases. There had been growing demand for the absolute numbers to maintain transparency in the election process. With the absolute number in the public domain, anyone can now tally the number of votes polled and counted.
The EC in its press release said that these absolute numbers cannot be changed. It also said "the Commission remains fully committed to the highest level of transparency and involvement of stakeholders at every stage of the electoral cycle".
Although the absolute numbers have been released, the relevance of Form 17C shouldn't be forgotten because this document also mentions the unique serial numbers of Control Unit, Ballot Unit and VVPAT. This document is also an important evidence in the Court if there are any discrepancies.

Simi_Garewal @Simi_Garewal
Why did the @ECISVEEP release the list today? (25th May) I've a strong feeling that CJI arrived from Tashkent & sent a discreet notice to ECI to release the numbers of votes polled of each Parliamentary Constituency immediately or he would be forced to issue an order. Thus ensuring transparency & a victory for us in the Election process. Am I right?

Ankit Mayank @mr_mayank
Now full focus should be on getting Form 17C from every booth & to match them.
If any mismatch is found, hit the streets to SAVE THE DEMOCRACY

WA of S Sen
Of course, the cumulative figures remain to be matched with the relevant Form 17C numbers and identify manipulations of figures if any.
That'd presumably take some time.

But, apart from why the numbers, after a prolonged spell -- of more than a month -- of dogged data suppression, are suddenly released now, the other, even more, relevant question would be why the suppression in the first place, contravening a time-honoured convention???
Was it also to promote the narrative that "(Kuchh Bhi Kar Lo) Jeetega To Modi Hi (by hook or by crook)" so as to demotivate anti-Modi voters???