Deepening schism & issues that seek a national mandate in 2024 By Kapil Sibal  28th November 2022
India has changed. It is no longer the inclusive country we were born in. The dialogues of today are worrisome. If we do not stand up to this, our tomorrow will be in danger.

The themes that will occupy our national discourse as we approach elections to the Lok Sabha in 2024 make for a disturbing trend.

The first is the clamour for a Uniform Civil Code.

The second is the expression of outrage when a boy from a particular minority community is in a relationship with or marries a Hindu girl.

The second is the expression of outrage when a boy from a particular minority community is in a relationship with or marries a Hindu girl.

The fourth thematic trend seems to be playing out in courts. A public interest lawyer, seeks to raise divisive issues in court and has the unstinted support of the government.

One recent example of this is the sudden obsession of the current dispensation with ‘freebies’, resulting in the Election Commission entering the fray.

Added to the above are fringe elements who speak of the imminent threat to the dominance of the majority community unless the increase in population of a particular minority is arrested. This, coupled with hate speeches at various public forums and the so-called frequent Dharam Sansads, allows for communal vitriol to take root. The uninformed are likely to buy into this.

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Published: 28th November 2022 12:17 AM | Last Updated: 28th November 2022

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When India wears the G20 crown By Thomas Franco | November 24, 2022 With the 2024 elections in focus, the Prime Minister and his coterie will try to show that they are the most powerful in the world. They will do everything for the so-called global champions, who will take care of their campaign strategy and funds. They have the Media, Money and Machine which they can manipulate.

G-20 has all the powerful finance institutions with it. The International Monetary Fund(IMF), the Word Bank, World Trade Organisation (WTO), the Financial Stability Board(FSB) and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). It also includes the toothless International Labour Organisation (ILO)- which could not make the member countries implement the agreed conventions; World Health Organisation (WHO) -which could not implement ‘Health for All’ by 2000 or even now; and the United Nations (UN) whose sustainable development goals are not going to be implemented.

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Significance as the top leadership is distNT FROM THE LOCAL PEOPLES..