Adani Power | महावितरण खाजगीकरणा विरोधात विद्युत कर्मचारी मैदानात..
Zoom Marathi Dec 14, 2022
महावितरण जळगाव झोनचे कर्मचारी खासगीकरणा विरोधात मैदान..
अदानी पावर इलेक्ट्रिकल कंपनी'ने राज्य सरकारच्या मालकीची महावितरण कंपनी वीजपुरवठा करत असलेल्या भांडुप परिमंडळातील ठाणे, नवी मुंबई, उरण व पनवेल या परिसरामध्ये वीजपुरवठा करण्याचा समांतर परवाना राज्य वीज नियामक आयोगाकडे मागितला असून त्याला पाचोऱ्यात जळगाव झोन मधील महावितरण कंपनीच्या अधिकारी व कर्मचारी संघाने विरोध केला आहॆ.
सरकार नागरी विभागातील नफा देणारे जलविद्युत विभाग खाजगी कंपन्यांच्या घशात घालण्याचे उद्योग करत आहेत. व सरकारी कोळसा खाणी खाजगी उद्योजकांच्या घशात घालून महावितरण कंपनीला कोलदांडा घालण्याचे पातक करत असल्याचा आरोप कर्मचारी संघटनेने केला आहे.
(ggogle translation: Employees of Mahavitaran Jalgaon zone against privatization.
Adani Power Electrical Company has sought a parallel license from the State Electricity Regulatory Commission to supply electricity in the areas of Thane, Navi Mumbai, Uran and Panvel in Bhandup circle where the state-owned Mahavitaran Company is supplying electricity. .
The government is in the business of shoving the profit-making hydropower sector of the civil sector into the throats of private companies. And the employees' association has accused that the government coal mines are trying to put a trap on the Maha distribution company by putting it in the throat of private entrepreneurs.

useful break down on how prejudice works..   Dec 2022

Some of the comments in this video...:  That judge is simply brilliant. She just opened the gate to countersue the people attacking religious freedom.....It's not a public accommodation, it's a paid for advertisement in a publication.
In other words, the publication can dictate the direction of the material they want to publish aside from what would fall under libel laws, but there is nothing that can stop the ones wanting a specific inclusion from creating their own website or seeking accommodation with a company that aligns with them.
Website content creators can be looked at like various magazines or TV outlets out there where they should have the freedom to direct their product in the direction they believe in and should not be compelled to do anything different. Otherwise there would be no support to allowing individual platforms at all, like BET and such. It's a contradiction to our laws regarding freedom to mandate inclusion for some and allow segregation for others based on race, creed, color, and orientation. That's the problem with the woke with their attempts at forcing inclusion where it's not accepted and yet want "safe spaces" to deny others from attending, participating, or even existing. -- will we able to make such an argument on say NDTV, after change of boss, or any private website, Will the test be that a service like Google has monopoly and therefore has a no right to discriminate against certain "beliefs" 

Comment: Can we take a similar line in the case of police refusal to give permission for certain protest, based on their "belief" that the public order is at stake, based on the concept of a sealed envelope.. you should read all the comments..

(given the rush for privatisation of basic servces, the question is.. )  When can a "business" be expected to have the same responsibilities as State? If NDTV can go to Adani, then Can the largest financer /creditor be held responsible. What if the largest financer was not State Bank but a Private Bank.. Under what circumstances can we expect popular channels to respect Right to Expression of an opinion that they do now believe in?

Understanding Deregulation, Privatisation & Economic Reforms: What derailed the Indian economy? By Thomas Franco | September 20, 2022 

From the year 2014 onwards, everything took a turn for the worse. “The government has no reason to be in business….. The public sector was born to die,” declared the Prime Minister. Demonetization in 2016 triggered an economic eruption. GST – The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented in July 2017 amid widespread misunderstanding. NITI Aayog, which is operating as Aniti Aayog, claims that it seeks to promote 5-6 Global Champions to lead the economy. Covid-19 and the unannounced lockdown decimated MSMEs and jobs. The freebie’s argument has now begun. It is handouts for the poor, but it is commercial support for corporations. The Asset Monetisation-National Monetisation Pipeline represents a complete sale of the family silver. The MANTRA-Fascism is rising in popularity among rulers and their masters. Savarkar, Gowalkar, and others’ ideologies encourage the rich, promote caste inequality, and use religion to separate people, although every religion promotes unity.

Today, education, health care, banking, life insurance, and railways are privatised. If we do not fight today, our children will not have a tomorrow.

To repair the present, we must battle against the government’s policies. The public sector and public services can create jobs and save the country.

The Pinarayi Vijayan government told the Supreme Court that preference was given to the Adani Group despite the private concessionaire having no experience in managing airports. It said the decision “smacks of arbitrariness”. 

It also alleged that the decision to hand over the airport to the Adani group was not in the public interest, alleging that the entire procedure, including tender processes, was “vitiated by malafides” and in violation of the provisions of the Airports Authority of India Act, 1994, and the proprietary rights of the state government with regard to the land on which the Thiruvananthapuram Airport stood.



Pawan Hans Sale: Cayman Firm in Winning Bid Flayed By NCLT for Failure to Pay, Show Funding Plan Pawan Hans Sale: Cayman Firm in Winning Bid Flayed By NCLT 
The privatisation of the public sector helicopter operator raises questions that the government so far has refused to answer. An investigation by The Wire and NewsClick.

A Ministry of Finance press release stated: “The strategic disinvestment transaction was implemented through an open, competitive bidding process supported by a multi-layered consultative decision making mechanism involving (an) Inter-Ministerial Group, (a) Core Group of Secretaries on Disinvestment and the empowered Alternative Mechanism.”

Our investigation shows that this ‘transparent’ decision based on a “multi-layered consultation” has resulted in the purchase of Pawan Hans by a consortium whose leading stakeholders have placed little or no information in the public domain about themselves and their ability to run such a company. In fact, the largest stakeholder in the consortium has been sanctioned by the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and it is not clear whether it has fully met the eligibility criteria laid down by the government for bidders.

This is not the first time the Narendra Modi government’s sale of government assets to private companies has raised questions about the new owners. In January, the government was forced to put on hold the sale of Central Electronics Limited after doubts were raised about the winning bidder’s financial track record, the cases pending against it in the NCLT and questionable inter-connections among bidders. On 18 May, it was reported that AGOF would challenge the NCLT order in the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT), saying that the NCLT order was “abrupt and a bit premature.” The Economic Times quoted the fund’s spokesperson as saying, “AGOF is a fund with a pristine reputation.

Was this information known to the Narendra Modi government while it evaluated the bid by Star9 Mobility (in which AGOF holds the largest stake of 49%) to acquire Pawan Hans and found it to be the best and highest offer? Did DIPAM and other agencies of the Indian government that was involved in the evaluation of the bids know the identities of the real investors and ultimate beneficiaries of AGOF? Does Almas Global still have links to Tagwirei? Did the other two partners in the Star9 Mobility consortium – Maharaja Aviation Private Limited and Big Charter Private Limited – know about the source of funds for AGOF?

This is not the first time a disinvestment exercise of the Government of India has come under scrutiny after completion of the process because of allegations against the reputation of the winning bidder. In January this year, the government had pulled the brakes on the privatisation of Central Electronics Limited (CEL) after its employees’ union moved court against the sale of the company to a little-known firm.

The government has not yet clarified whether Star9 Mobility was an eligible bidder before it was declared the winning bidder. The preliminary information memorandum for inviting expressions of interest in the “strategic disinvestment” of shares of the government of India in Pawan Hans stated that “Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) registered with (the Securities and Exchange Board of India) SEBI as per SEBI (Alternative Investment Funds) Regulations, 2012 are eligible to participate in the bid provided the concerned AIF has obtained “all statutory approvals” from the relevant ministry in the government of India, the Foreign Investment Promotion Board, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the Reserve Bank of India and so on.