Elon Musk Is Destroying the Myths of Silicon Valley in Front of Our Very Eyes BY LUKE SAVAGE https://jacobin.com/2022/11/elon-musk-twitter-silicon-valley-myth

Extracts: the roughly one-month period that has elapsed since his takeover of Twitter has probably done more damage to his image — and to the fraudulent and self-serving myths of Silicon Valley it draws on — than any of these things ever could...even the most devoted Musk sycophants will have to ask what the master plan is beyond erratic public behavior and lazily trolling the libs.

there’s no great promethean genius, elaborate game of multidimensional chess, or modern day philosopher king hiding behind the Mars talk, product recalls, and epic bacon memes. All that exists behind the curtain is a garden-variety capitalist doing the kinds of things that capitalists have always done — in this case very badly.