Govt Has Created Climate of Fear, Intellectuals Hesitate to Express Dissent: Partha Chatterjee

Historian Partha Chatterjee discusses the Hindu rashtra, future of Indian secularism and India's emerging political culture, among other issues. ..a major constituency for the New India vision is corporate business and the urban upper middle class which feels uncomfortable with the divisive and often violent politics of minority hatred but is hugely enthusiastic about Modi as a legitimate leader who promises political stability and pro-business policies. In terms of the overall ideological project of the BJP, Hindu Rashtra and New India complement each other.

"Message For the State Today-Agencies Cannot Be Deployed to Silence Citizens" 
Jul 20, 2022 Sumedhapal @Sumedhapa "The big takeaway is for the state it cannot use its agencies to silence and incarcerate its  citizens." lawyer @vrindagrover speaks to @thewire_in this evening

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But the 23-day delay should be avoided as in this case when it's so evident the state is trying to harass and foist false cases against the petitioner and the petitioner having to undergo a horrid jail time without being at fault


PM Modi ने उड़ाया मजाक तो Ajit Anjum का करारा जवाब | Praveen Gautam Analysis   Feb 21, 2022

Ajit Anjum has responded after what PM Modi said at the Hardoi election rally, giving the example of a video of senior journalist Ajit Anjum. Ajit Anjum said that PM Modi should have given complete information about the interview with the woman. Praveen Gautam's analysis on PM Modi's statement and Ajit Anjum's reply.

Cases of arrests and prosecution under widely criticized undemocratic laws, assaults, raids, highly unreasonable restrictions and surveillance have been reported in recent times with frightening regularity. Such harassment by authorities often also exposes the affected journalists to increased trolling, insults, threats and assaults from groups of people very active in such work.  Apart from the distress and harm suffered by those who have been specifically targeted, this creates widespread conditions of fear and intimidation in which it becomes difficult for many journalists to perform their professional duties properly. Conditions of great uncertainty are created in which the progress of media organizations which are true to their true professional responsibilities is badly hindered. The emergence of young talent in journalism of courage and truth gets badly discouraged. Free and courageous media which is a lifeline for a robust, genuine democracy increasingly faces adverse and dismal prospects.

While a more difficult and threatening situation is faced these days generally by most critical and dissenting voices in media, some are more vulnerable than others. As media freedom has declined significantly during the last eight years or so, during the same period problems and threats have also increased for minority communities in India, most particularly for the Muslim community. So it is hardly surprising that journalists belonging to minorities as well as those journalists who have been in the forefront of protecting rights of minorities have found themselves in a more vulnerable situation.

By Bharat Dogra


Why Mamata Banerjee's Alleged "Positive News For Govt Ads" Offer Is A Step Towards Godi Media 2.0??? 

"The video was shared by the Twitter handle of Mumbai Press Club. In it, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee is purportedly seen having a media interaction. Similar video was shared by BJP spokespersons too. In the video, a journalist is purportedly heard asking West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee that Rural Newspapers do not get advertisement from the govt. and because of that it is difficult for them to survive. To which Banerjee replies and allegedly says “If you were to publish more positive news about things that the government is doing, then I’ll tell the DM personally to give you guys more ads.”
The Mumbai Press Club criticized mamata banerjee for the statement. It said, ""Releasing ads to buy news media has long been used by all governments to undermine the press. It's a powerful tool to cultivate loyalty. This time Mamata Banerjee, CM of West Bengal, crossed the line by openly offering govt ads for favorable reporting.""
Deploring the statement, it said that This is a threat to the freedom of the press.