Doctrine of Basic Structure under Indian Constitution: Madras High Court Bar Association at Madurai. Justice Rohinton Nariman delivered a Lecture for the Madras High Court Bar Association at Madurai on the topic - Doctrine of Basic Structure under Indian Constitution in the year 2015.

Art 368 .. power to amend is the most important thing..  language was originally amend in the first part and change in the second part five subject matters must go to parliament as well as half the states.. . in the proviso.  In Keshavnanda Bharati.. though you may change each article at least on article must be there.. change means substitute or amend..  that something that remain behind..

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Our Constitution, Our People Written by Harsh Mander, Published By Pratham Books 

Remember how the Constitution was brought into being   3-12-2021 G. N. Devy writes: Tribal communities, workers, peasants, students and the common people braved imprisonment or bullets and fought for the dream of a freedom that would ensure justice and equality

One agrees with the CJI that the people have kept the Constitution alive, despite the “clean chits” to architects of riots and FIRs against victims of atrocities. One agrees with opposition parties that democratic institutions have crumbled; outside as well inside the political parties. Yes, the Prime Minister was right in pointing to “family-centric” action as a hindrance to development. Indeed, catering to only a few corporate families has caused a grave economic crisis for the rest of India.

One wonders if, like the mythical Prajapati, the praja could laugh, for it knows that “once the Constitution” is no guarantee of “always the Constitution”. Surely, it is watching through millions of eyes.

"BJP's 80 Vs 20 Will Ruin 100% of India's Sacred Republic":Mahua Moitra's Fiery Speech In Parliament Feb 4, 2022

"Would Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose have approved of the statements made in the Dharam Sansad, TMC MP Mahua Moitra asked in her speech in Lok Sabha on Thursday.
Speaking on the Motion of Thanks to the President, the Trinamool Congress leader termed the mention of freedom fighters in the President's address as ""lip service"".

संवैधानिक मानववाद या कारपोरेट-हिन्दुत्ववाद और यूपी में 'अपराध-राज'! 
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संविधान दिवस के मौके पर भी सत्ता पक्ष और विपक्ष के बीच आरोपों-प्रत्यारोपो की खूब बौछार हुई. क्या सच है-संविधानवाद और परिवारवाद का? क्या भारत की सरकारें सचमुच संविधान के विचार और संदेश के हिसाब से चलती हैं? क्या संविधानवाद के साथ हिन्दुत्ववाद और कारपोरेटवाद चल सकता है? इन सवालों पर तथ्यात्मक और तार्किक टिप्पणी के साथ #HafteKiBaat के इस एपिसोड में यूपी में बढ़ती नृशंसता का ब्योरा दे रहे हैं वरिष्ठ पत्रकार उर्मिलेश: