Analysis of the data so collected and segregated would help expose if Sec. 18 was used deliberately only for the purpose of implicating persons under UAPA to ensure that they did not get bail easily.

What is significant is that 152/238 cases (or 64%) cases involving Sec. 18 charge are in
respect of cases where there is no allegation of a terrorist act or an actual incident of terror
involving the use of weapons or causing physical injury is reported to have taken place. In other
words, in more than half (64%) of the UAPA cases involving Sec.18 charge, the mere allegation
of the police that a person is a member of a proscribed terrorist organisation or that a recovery
of weapon/explosives/money/drugs were made from him is sufficient to get the person arrested
and imprisoned for many years.

Those arrested under UAPA languish in jail sometimes even for decades, waiting for their
trial to begin. By the time they are acquitted, the damage is complete; an irreparable damage is
done to several aspects of their lives, inflicting pain and trauma on them and on all those
dependent on them...

By beginning to document the scale of abuse faced by thousands
under this law and by formulating a comprehensive database on all UAPA prosecutions across
the country, the dangers in the ambiguities of the UAPA law and its draconian provisions
become all the more striking. The objective is also to stimulate more discussions and encourage
more research on the constitutional, moral, ethical and human consequences of the UAPA and
the NIA, as we all come together and demand the repeal of the law.
We ask of the civil societies to be more vigilant, to come together and raise their voices
against the flagrant state abuse. We urge the political parties and leaders of the entire political
spectrum to aid in strengthening the demand to repeal the draconian UAPA and other such laws
which should not have a place in a constitutional democracy where rule of law is upheld

seek your support through the following actions:
1. Demand repeal of UAPA.
2. Demand repeal of all other anti-people laws.
3. Demand repeal of the NIA Act and disbanding of NIA.
4. Demand the immediate release of all political prisoners, on bail.
5. Take action against all police officials who have wilfully launched false and
fabricated cases against the marginalised communities, journalists, academicians,
students and others.
6. Take action to provide reparations for those wrongfully accused and released by