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Two recent benches of the Supreme Court, in the course of one week, interpreted the bail provision under UAPA differently, resulting in inconsistent outcomes. 

In an article last year, legal scholar Gautam Bhatia referred to inconsistency in bail judgments under UAPA within the same court, and in the pronouncements of the same judge within the same court. Two recent cases decided by the Supreme Court show that this inconsistency continues to be the norm, rather than an exception. 

by V. Venkatesan


Meet Kumar Sauvir, the journalist who stood up for Siddique KappanSauvir is a Lucknow-based journalist who furnished the bail bond for Kappan’s releasevi By Puja Awasthi February 02, 2023 Sauvir has been a journalist for 42 years. His father, Siyaram Tripathi, worked in a senior editorial position at a prominent Hindi newspaper. “He would always talk about justice, and wallop me to teach me its lessons”, he said. Tripathi was a card holding member of the Communist Party of India, the secretary of the Indian Federation of Working Journalists and the general secretary of its state wing. Sauvir’s paternal grandfather had strong communist leanings. “I was fed fearlessness since I was a child”, said Sauvir.

New Guidelines for Arrest and Bail पर Supreme Court की Landmark Judgement | Legal Gurukul Jan 13, 2023  Channel

Arnesh Kumar Judgement


The Supreme Court has asked courts to consider modifying the bail conditions imposed on undertrial prisoners if the bonds are not furnished within a month.

A bench of Justices S.K. Kaul and Abhay S. Oka said one of the reasons that delays the release of an accused or a convict is the insistence upon a local surety and suggested that in such cases, the courts may not impose the condition of local surety.



"Rule of law and not Rule by law". Laws made can become weaponised & draconised, then they need to be amended'. weaponisation of the powers given to the executive and the agencies.. rule of law, rule by law etc.. eg. Anand Sharma speaks  

On PMLA being weaponised. Proposal for a Bail Act.