'Do not hate the hater' - By Rajni Bakshi, Journalist, Writer and Activist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NavtUjUp_EA

बात: गांधी की - २ अक्तूबर से ११ अक्तूबर २०२२ तक. गांधी जयंती के अवसर पर मुंबई सर्वोदय मंडल का उपक्रम

'Unity in humanity' by Neela Bhagwat, Movement related Khyaal singer 

(An initiative of Mumbai Sarvodaya Mandal to celebrate 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi from 2nd to 11th October 2022)



Ahimsa : did not die with Gandhi - It is Living today. The evidence is that despite all the issues  Ahimsa  is dominant.  - Rajni Bakshi on Ahimsa Conversations in संगठन संदेश - Sangathan Sandesh  https://www.facebook.com/incsandesh/videos/547874836910939/

What is Ahimsa? A teenager’s exploration https://indianexpress.com/article/opinion/what-is-ahimsa-a-teenagers-exploration-7216071/ 
It is a broad concept, and one which can address the growing polarisation in the world today.

The power of non-violence has been asserted repeatedly over the last 74 years across the world. The most enduring symbol of the anti-CAA protests remains the Shaheen Bagh sit-in, where hundreds of people, led by the brave women of Delhi, protested peacefully for 101 days; where art, creativity and ahimsa were the languages of opposition.  On the other side of the world, pictures of candlelit Black Lives Matter protests became a powerful symbol of resistance in the face of abject brutality, and many American cities now house BLM murals. 

But what is ahimsa? Many might plainly say “not being violent”. Others may argue it is “Respecting all living beings”. Some may take it to the next level, where you’ll hear “Being truthful to oneself and not causing harm to anyone”. Every time you ask the question, you will receive a different and more developed answer, because the most significant aspect of ahimsa is that it is an evolving discipline.

With the exploration of ahimsa expanding, new interpretations are coming to light and adding to the myriad of opinions that make it such a unique, multifaceted concept.

Peace activist David Swanson explains how it takes a long, concerted and diligent effort to avoid peace and make war.  David draws attention to the conflict in Ukraine where nonviolent resistance is manifest as people are kneeling or standing before tanks, feeding soldiers and talking them out of fighting. David also addresses how to locate this spontaneous activism in the larger frame of the human will for power.

The notion that war is normal and we have to struggle for peace is a fundamental lie. David Swanson is one of the co-founders of the global network, World Beyond War,

https://youtu.be/SwlOiiqDhpg Snippets: 6.39 mins

Full conversation:  https://youtu.be/WZHIBiN5P3I 34 mins.



Prejudice shows up in different ways.. More so now, with the unthinking "forwarding" of social media..