जानिए क्या हुआ जब Civil Society Members पहुंचे EC HQ votes polled data के petition के साथ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uUhDaEo6JU  May 15, 2024 Transparency activist Anjali Bharadwaj, Shabnam Hashmi and other ci vil society members Ashok Sharma and Amrita went to the Election Commission of India's Headquater office to meet the Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) with the signed petition of 4000 people demanding absolute numbers of votes polled data.
The CEC could not meet them because he was busy with the other officials but the delegation of civil society members managed to submit a copy of the petition with the EC with the hope that the CEC will look into the matter an release the absolute numbers of votes polled data.

in Bombay, a joint letter petition endorsed by several civil society organisations and citizens to hold the Election Commission of India (ECI) accountable for its inaction against violations of the Model Code of Conduct (MCC) and laws during the Lok Sabha elections 2024, was submitted to Mr. S. Chockalingam. The letter petition raised critical issues on the delay in releasing the voter turnout data in numbers, the discrepancies in the 2019 voter data, failure to combat hate speech during elections, failure to take action against surrogate ads, failure to stop campaign violations, the need to take equal and impartial action against violating political parties and the withdrawal and threats to candidates, which are going unchecked.

On the issue of hate speech during election campaigning, he said that at least in his jurisdiction they are taking violations seriously and have already filed 280 FIRs, of which 211 are on MCC violations. On being asked on what punitive action is being taken against candidates to ensure that they do not repeat the violations by restricting them from campaigning, he said that such action is in the domain of the ECI.

The delegation also pointed out that citizen’s rights were being clamped down under the guise of MCC, for instance when meetings are organised to ask people to vote, people have been detained by the police for violation of MCC. Expressing surprise at this, the CEO said that citizens must inform him of any such incidents and assured the delegations that citizens would not face harassment for fulfilling their constitutional duties.

On Saturday, a joint complaint was submitted through the offices of the Chief Electoral Officers in different cities like Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad and others, and a letter was also submitted to the office of the Chief Election Commissioner in Delhi. This collective of organisations and concerned citizens also undertook a postcard campaign in which hundreds of postcards were sent to ECI, Delhi from various cities containing the image of a spine - thereby demanding the Election Commission to ‘Grow A Spine or Resign’.