Regulatory favours to big companies have created impression of non-level playing field’   Apr 2, 2024 
Former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian talks about why private investment isn’t picking up in India, why the bank cleanup is actually a subsidy to defaulters, and how Centre-state distrust is the main impediment to GST reform. 

0:00:  Discussion with former Chief Economic Advisor to India on recent economic reforms and challenges.
3:38: ️ Challenges and opportunities in Indian economy with stagnant private investment and growth in China plus one strategy.
7:33:  India's attractiveness in the economy spotlight due to China and Europe decline, hindered by government policies.
11:11:  Electoral bonds may only represent a small fraction of political financing, leaving the majority unaccounted for.
14:23: ️ Challenges in implementing the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) leading to prolonged resolution times and stagnant recovery rates.
18:37:  Opportunity cost of ineffective IBC implementation on capital and asset value.
22:14: ️ Opportunities in labor-intensive sectors due to China's exit and need for private sector investment.
25:42: ️ Opportunities for India to capitalize on its infrastructure and scale in creating alternative to China.
29:16:  Discussion on impact of rate cuts on revenues, anticipated compensation, and potential need for rate increases.
@animesh_tiwary Love the fact that Mr. Arvind Subramaniam has lot of policy suggestions to throw at the government but himself hasn’t seen the expected outcomes of the policies adopted during his time with the government. This demonstrates it is much easier to suggest from afar but much difficult to practically execute.

Just Wow ! Sharad is awesome interviewer. Arvind is amazing at highlighting the issues without sounding political (unlike Raghu). I agree with his manufacturing model push (China+ >> low end products like footwear, toys, cloths etc) which will create many jobs as opposed to services model of Raghuram Rajan which is baloney. Another point I would like to add is the participation of woman workforce. TamilNadu contributes to 48% of India's woman work force meanwhile rest of the country put together is 52%. Without woman's participation we are missing out a huge proportion of labor force, and this needs to be addressed by states and centre This requires a comprehensive outreach programme, providing safe transport, safe environment, child care etc

IMHO BJP needs to be careful about who it lets into the core circle of the party & govt. There must be ideological binding. Arvind Subramanian was a bad choice from the beginning. He comes from a different 'play it safe by the book' school of thought. Now off course he is showing his true colors (he has every right). Another example is former Guv Satyapal Malik. Such a crude individual does not belong @ such exalted post. Amit Shah did concede that mistakes r made sometimes. Lets hope key positions in 3rd & 4th term are filled with greater prudence...after that obviously Yogi Adityanath will bring his own brand of governance to 7 Lok Kalyan Marg.

It is very interesting that we talk of GDPR growth after inflation. Can Print publish this for the last 40 years (including UPA1 and UPA2. The reason is we say the inflation is high in India right now but I remember it used to be crazy in UPA2. Hence I am wondering what is the base GFP

@_rohit97 As a BJP supporter I say I mostly agree with him. But I feel his contribution should come within the govt and for that he needs to be less diplomatic and stop monkey balancing UPA and NDA. Its pretty obvious NDA >>>>>>>>> UPA in terms of the economy. If some libtards think otherwise plz listen to Mani Shankar Aiyar's brother Swaminathan Aiyar on modi and his economic policies. Also any big investor

@knrao111 Very bad guys After enjoying government facilities started commenting now
@saradhiroy Is he also jobless like RRR 

It's really amazing to listen such an honest conversations.

Can we please talk about anything if possible on the demand side reforms ?
Hired gun and a backstabber of the TamBrahm community. Look at who he is working for and you would know his views of his past employer.

@Zambia974 Pan corner needs a regulation.

@rajx7120 Will he talk about labour reforms and easier land acquisition? These are biggest reforms still pending. And these are politically challenging. And he will just ignore the politics against these.
And of course, farm reforms would have helped with easing food inflation and improve supply-chain jobs and improve rural incomes which would in turn increase demand for wider industry. But AS : silence.

@saradhiroy Advisor to Punjab & TN speaks volume
@jyshetty1 If has done all this then why Tamilunadu is crying… this guy has left agenda…

@VyomKhandelia Indian entreprenuers have been bad at marketing and selling internatiknally. You acnnot produce for Inidia and i you produxe for international markets, you need to be also able to sell..

'India Inc-Modi govt friendship is cracking. Lack of level playing field just one reason' t  Apr 3, 2024
The politics behind CEA V. Anantha Nageswaran's statements on employment missed the main point: cracks are emerging in the friendship between the Modi Govt and corporate India, Deputy Editor TCA Sharad Raghavan argues in #StandardDeviation.  

Comments on the Youtube: clearly indicate the kind of narrative that is being brought to the fore

@wisdomhighschool9975  What's wrong with The Govt, Govt's only Provides The Path with Classic Infra, Low Taxes and Subsidies

S&P India Manufacturing PMI is at Record 16-Year High at 59.1, Services are above 60, Defence Exports are at Record Highs

About your FDI video you spoke as if FTAs with UK,US and EU have already been signed U said anything you wanted,even thou FDI as a % of GDP declined,The Total FDI Flowing into India was appx $ 580+ Billion USD in last 9 years, Didn't they know about BITs, EODB etc

@rajivbagga2929 Delays and red tape procedures in ‘land acquisition’ could be another reason for slowing down of new investment in manufacturing sector.

Fair point. The government needs to demonstrate a level playing field and go easy with IT, ED, CBI, etc

@rajx7120 Private investment has been increasing for last 2 years, quarter by quarter. Because of banks being cleaned up. What about Open Credit Enablement Network, and Factor credit reforms, to ease up credit ?

@Jun_kid Look at the FLIP side. This is an EXCELLENT strategy by the Govt to consolidate the under-performing, non-performing corporate-India.
What will happen is these smaller non-performers will be taken over by larger entities, who can now provide SCALE.
And scale is what foreign investors are looking for as China collapses.

These smaller entities are OK for local market. For the Global market scale is important. And that's where India's NEXT growth-impetus will come from - EXPORTS.

@niladribanerjee2821 Apart from that unequal level playing field I can't see any big issue for India Inc not to invest. Govt should stop all those biggies to enter anything or everything. Jio finance aya to rbi baki nbfc me raid krne lag gya...mera iifl ka stock jo 300% up tha ab only 40% up hai.

@RKV0785 Farner ( agriculture)Labour and Land sector reforms are prohibited/ violently opposed by opposition parties  Exit time / resolution time / procedure has been screwed up by courts with frequent interference

@bindurao3463 Much ado about nothing, you are just making a big deal.


the more I see news, the more I learn to tweak data and come to consensus that, how I want to see the data. Having said that, congress would have been the worst.

@worldofsarthak1628 The huge number of new IPOs and SME listings etc actually suggest that smaller corporates are doing well and enthusiastic. Private capex is still a problem it may pickup now after last 3 years boost in govt capex. If pvt capex doesnt pickup within the next 12-18 months there is reason to be a bit worried. As to FDI, the world has changed. From the US perspective or Western perspective - they wont help in creating another genuine challenger. Western policymakers must be kicking themselves for how they due to lure of cheap consumption allowed China to become a giant and destroyed their own manufacturing base. China+1 is the biggest myth in town. At best it is China+ bunch of others, even then US itself want to again kickstart its manufacturing game. So India has to do much much better to benefit from even this China + many scenario. These things sometime show results with a lag. May be in 2/3 years we will look back and think we were being too impatient and FDI and everything is flowing in fine. Also for foreign businesses it may be tough in India with the competition and regulatory favours in favour of domestic behemoths.

 @chittu42  Corporates not donating to BJP is not a measure of the cracks between them & Government. Indian Cos must be vary of the fast changing technologies impacting their business. Traditionally our investments in Research is quite low. India’s manufacturing strategy revolves largely on high technology areas requiring acquisition of technology or partnering with Global
Players etc. This will lead to
Issues in management control. Also uncertainty/ longevity of technology adds to their concerns. It’s time for them to shed their concerns & get into action.

 @hazy76 Truth is, corporates are scared to give feedbacks to Govt. And Govt doesn't take feedback or criticism sportingly

You may be right. But if corporates are fearing the BJP govt, they will be awallowed by large corporates from India or abroad in the long term

I wish you had spent some time talking about how the playing field is not level, which specific policy are contributing to this, and how the government can change policy to make it level. Without details, this video is largely speculative and serves little purpose than to drive supporters and detractors of the government to their respective soapboxes.

Maybe the corporates didn't donate because everyone already knows the BJP is going to win. Who else is going to win Rahul Gandhi?

 @sklux6147 Electoral Bonds Vs Liquor Deal.
Holy Vs Victim.
Chowkidar Chor Vs Natwarlal.
Thousands of cr Vs Rs 100 cr.

Go back corruption, QPQ, Match Fixing.
Hindutva doesn't approve of hypocrisy. Time to change. Kaun banega PM?
Hindutva alone is the way forward.
Abki baar BJP 400+.
Jai Shri Ram
Satyamev Jayate 🪷
Jai Hind 🫡