a new and critical UN summit is scheduled for next Monday in Geneva to advance the Pandemic Treaty.
This treaty, part of a wider globalist totalitarian agenda, threatens to place global health decisions in the hands of a single globalist elite.
 https://citizengo.org/en-au/ot/212967-who-will-decide-you-if-we-dont-act-now-pandemic-treaty-drawing-near  the World Health Organization seeks to seize, demanding billions of Euros to fund their corruption and power grabs: Enhanced control over countries, doctors, hospitals, and other groups impacting their decision-making about health. Authority to make global health decisions, reducing each country's sovereignty and your right to decide on health decisions (even vaccines) for yourself and your loved ones.
Ability to declare a pandemic, which could drastically affect our lives and economies, as globalists seize the power to control travel, communication, religious gatherings and even work.
Treaty measures to combat so-called misinformation

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xs82LMlJ6hE  Steven Solomon, WHO Principal Legal Officer, unpacks the pandemic accord. The accord, being developed by countries, can be a game-changer in pandemic prevention and preparedness. Steven also clarifies the misinformation around the accord.