“We, Kannadigas, pay taxes of Rs 430,000 crore. But we receive only Rs 50,000 crore back. That means out of every Rs 100, only Rs 13 comes back to us. Can there be greater injustice than this? Should we tolerate this injustice?” said Siddaramaiah at the protest. “Injustice with regard to tax to the tune of Rs 62,098 crore has been done to the state by the 15th Finance Commission. Shouldn’t we question this?”


Speaking to The Wire, Priyank Kharge, a member of the Karnataka legislative assembly, said, “Under the 14th Finance Commission, Karnataka’s devolution was 4.71%, which has now been reduced to 3.65% under the 15th Finance Commission. Our government is losing Rs 73,000 crore every year. We’re not receiving GST reimbursement, MNREGA payments from the central government.”

by Yaqut Ali