GG Parikh - 100 years celebrated by all shades of Socialists -  the Quit India veteran, who went to jail in 1942, and again during the Emergency. GG, as he is called, was part of the Socialist Party.
socialists from all over the country, as well as children of prominent socialists, had come to pay their respects to “not only the last of the socialist giants, but also the last of the freedom fighters.. For links the lecture and speeches click read more

Rajmohan Gandhi's pledge on our behalf at G. G Parikh 100 years birth ceremony
He was delivering the "Into That Land of Freedom, Let My Country Awake" lecture, We promise that we would fight for the ideals by which GG has lived his life

Hussein Dalwai Former Congress minister lamented that today, there was no fight being put up against the collapse of democracy. . He recollected that GG was true to his socialist and secular beliefs, even in personal matters.

Dr Bhalchandra Mungekar  described described GG as one of the rare individuals who not only believed in Socialism but lived by its ideals.

Message by GG on his 100th Birthday: s  Like the call for Quit India, GG called on youth to prepare themselves for fighting for the country. “I have left I will fight against the RSS and the BJP, for the rest of my life” . Calling on youth to work for the environment in the context of Climate Change.. he said “What we are witnessing is not development but destruction. Like Gandhi, we must reject the Western model.”
Urging the audience to visit the Yusuf Meherally centre set up by him in Tara, Raigad, he said they could see an alternate model of development and be inspired to repeat it elsewhere.”

Gandhian thought has made me what I am: Centenarian GG ByJyoti Punwani
Dec 30, 2023