G20 vs We20 | The chronicle of a clampdown | The Money Trail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IolnK99GG4o  CFA India  Sep 4, 2023 #G20
As the date of #G20 Summit is drawing nearer, the Union Government is becoming more and more intolerant. Its clampdown on We20 Peoples' Summit is the latest. When the freedom of speech and assembly is threatened, how can a country boast of being the 'Mother of Democracy'?




What should be the people's agenda https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-CQy3EZJhkProf Arun Kumar @ WE 20 people's Summit. What should the people push for to counter the G 20's corporate agenda?

We20: A Peoples’ Summit Resolves to Strengthen Efforts to Protect Rights


While in the official G20 summit there are claims of us being the “Mother of Democracy”, the state of affairs that we have witnessed here at the We20 Peoples’ Summit only goes on to show how we are inching closer to being a police state. One where even dialogues, deliberations inside the four walls and thoughts are being policed.

The declaration ‘People and Nature over Profits for a Just, Inclusive, Transparent and Equitable Future’ condemned the police action and while critically looking at the G20 and demanding the overhaul of the international financial architecture. It called out the false market-based solutions to the climate crisis proposed by the G20 which have resulted in financialisation of nature and deprivation of natural resource-dependent communities, and greater debt distress. It rejected corporate capital’s capture of global food governance through the Agreement on Agriculture in the WTO, and emerging bilateral and multilateral trade agreements.