3 सप्टेंबर 2023 रोजीवाढवण समुद्रकिनारीभव्य एल्गार मोर्चाचे आयोजन  .. justice was  trampled upon  by allowing the expansion of the port to JNPT on certain conditions. A grand Elgar march has been organized on September 3, 2023 at the beach of Wadhwan to warn the government of the demand to cancel theWadhwan  port forever, and to decide the direction of the further agitation, expressing outrage against this authority.

नारायण पाटील https://youtu.be/lI-InGX9Yz4?si=4hXPUqv030ZdE78z Many agitations like marches, dharnas, human chain, instructions, boycott of voting were done against this port of expansion by the anti-port expansion struggle committee and fishermen cooperatives and social organizations involved in it. Not only this, many types of court battles were fought since 1997. Initially by the Supreme Court order dated 20 June 1991, as per the notification issued by the Central Government, Dahanu taluka was declared an ecologically sensitive division and declared as a green belt with ban on industries. Take it for the protection of the environment here. Dahanu Taluka Environmental Protection Committee of 11 members under the chairmanship of Chandrasekhar Dharmadhikari was formed in the year 1996. Struggle against the expansion of the port. After two years of intensive hearings, P. & O. Company was permanently banished by order dated 13th April, 1998, 5th February, 1998, 26th November, 1997, denying permission for expansion of port.

In 2014, the central government again laid the foundation for the construction of the port through JNPT at the same place where the permission to build the port was denied in the year 1998. JNPT tried to start the survey work. For this, huge police force, Dhak Dapatsha, arrest sessions, agitations and directives started. But the government is not ready to back down, finally a petition was filed with DTEPA again. On June 2, 2017, it was decided and adjourned by banning even simple profit at the port construction site. On 24th May 2022, the new judges came to the authority. Arun Chaudhary conducted the hearing. At that time, JNPT filed three new applications. There were many dates, many times the timing was taken

Ramkrishna Tandel of महाराष्ट्र मच्छिमार कृती समिती https://youtu.be/PxQkIQVd6gs This port will be located four and a half kilometers inland from the coast of the village. Since the area of five square kilometers is made up of natural formations such as stone, kapari, kach, khalge, it is a breeding area for fish such as ghol, daha, paplet, ravas, shivand, mushi. Therefore, the sea from Vasai to Jhai is an agar of fishes. Five thousand fishing boats in this area and lakhs of people depend on this business for their livelihood. It is said to have a depth of 20 meters. Beside it there is a queue till Bhalimothi. There are no natural storms in this area as it moves towards the north by suppressing the storms that arise in the sea. At this place, 3 thousand 970 acres of land will be filled with stones and soil in Bhar Samud, and it will affect the monsoon rains due to the disruption of the south-easterly current flowing from the belly of the sea.

वैभव अशोक वझे https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_8CA2Ct7uw 

A water breaking wall of six and a half and four and a half kilometers long respectively will be constructed on both sides of the port. Besides, the water is blocked due to the filling of stones and soil near Dahanu Khadi, Tarapur Khadi , will enter the village through the bay, and as the villages of the village will go under the sea, the turn of displacement will come on that village. 12 sq. Kilometers of sea area will be protected and there will be a prohibited area for fishing. There are 250 species of fish in the sea here and this place is full of biodiversity. There are lakhs of mangroves (tiwari) trees near the coast and as they will be cut, the environment will be damaged. This place is Tarapur Anushaktikendra, Tarapur M. As IDCGIDC is close to the industrial estate, and Pakistan's port of Karachi is only 507 nautical miles away, national security will be threatened.

42 thousand acres of land will be required for the port and 571 hectares of land will be acquired for road and railway. The width of the road and railway is 180 meters and the length is 34 kilometers. In this area, agriculture and horticulture using very modern and advanced Israeli technology, Dhovli chillies, chilies, flowers, orchids, chafa, mogra, lilies, chickpeas, bananas, coconuts, vegetables are produced. Moreover, in Tarapur, Chinchani, Pragdan areas every house has a diamond making (gold and silver jewellery) business. Therefore, the youth here is independent.